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Required Software

Photo Editing Software such as Photoshop (Commercial) or GIMP (Free)

Recommended Tools

PNG to BMP by Altef_4

InnoIDE - To Edit Registry.iss with ease.

Drop and Scan 4 ZLib by Razor12911 - Scans for deflate/zlib streams in files.

Game File Scanner by Razor12911 - Scans for different streams in files.

kdet by Razor12911 - Scans for kraken streams (poodle).

Templates & Compressors

Sample Compression Script - Basic Batch Files Templates

UltraArc - Advanced All-In-One compressor with many pre-/compressors.

DiskSpan - An advanced compressor by Razor12911. Main goal is to create splitted archives like in UltraArc but without the need to merge them back on installation (like rar/7z archives). Does not allow masked data compression.

Universal Conversion Compressor (UCC) - A highly complex batch script by VollachR to convert game installations with or without compression. For further informations, visit the UCC Wikipage or FileForums thread.