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CIUv2: Introduction

First thing first, as already mentioned on the home page of this wikia, CIU stand for Custom Installer Ultimate.

What is CIUv2?

CIUv2 is a script used to create custom autoplay & setup menus for programs & games. It is currently mostly used for creating game conversions.

CIUv2 is powered by Inno Setup and require the Unicode edition of Inno Setup to work.

Custom Installer Ultimate V2 consist of the following files & folders:

  • InstallerScript_###.iss (only CIUv2 v2.0.3.9)
  • Setup.ini
  • Setup.ico
  • Registry.iss (Optional)
  • [Include]
  • [Languages]
  • [Setup]

Do not modify the files in any of the folder except for the [Setup] folder unless you really know what you're doing, you may cause CIUv2 to stop working.

Also, if your version of CIUv2 have the InstallerScript.iss file do not modify it's content on your own if you are not familiar with Inno Setup coding. If you familiar with Inno Setup coding, do whatever you want.

The [Setup] folder is the only one you really need to touch, more on that on the Intro to Setup Design page.

Differences on all those versions?

CIUv2 v2.0.3.9 is open source and lets you making it more great for you, provided that you are know pascal script language (it's similar to Delphi). In addition to that, this version includes fully UltraArc and DiskSpan support and most compressors.

CIUv2 v2.0.4.0 Beta 5 is a now abandoned project, because original modder (BAMsE) has left for personal things. Don't support UltraArc and DiskSpan and most other compressors like ZTool, XTool, etc.

Supported compressors: precomp043, srep, msc, lzma, delta, 7zip, RAR.

CIUv2 v2.0.5g is a further improved version of v2.0.4.0 Beta 5 made by PrinceGupta2000. It also supports UltraArc and DiskSpan.

Note for v2.0.5g: If you want to add new compressor to the installer just put "exe/dll/cls/whatever" in "Include\Addons\" and tweak "Include\Arc.ini", setup will automatically extract those in temp directory and you are done Rules: 1. Subdirectories not includes 2. Anything that is part of UltraArc (original) can't be added in Addons folder, setup will throw an error (simply replace them if you want to change them).