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Welcome to the Custom Installer Ultimate v2 Wiki

On this Wiki you will find all informations about Custom Installer Ultimate v2 (CIUv2).

Actually, there is already a Wiki for CIUv2, but it was abandoned. So i decided to create a own.

This Wiki using most of the parts of the old CIUv2 Wiki originally created by "VollachR", but also some additions that left out and changed.

So most parts of this Wiki belongs to "VollachR" and his great work!

General informations about Custom Installer Ultimate v2

CIUv2 is a very powerfull Inno Setup Script originally created and introduced by "yener90" on

The intended use of this Script is to create fancy Repack installers - mostly done for games - with a fully graphical user interface.

"BAMsE" was the former modder and modified the script even further to it's current version Beta 5.

Unfortunately both moved away for different reasons, so we decided to move on and continue this project as best as we can.

Cesar82 decided to take on the project and added some features and bug fixes.

This Wiki will force on the CIU v2.0.3.9 only, because the difference between each version is just to much to write them all down here.

Currently there are 3 different versions:

  • - Public script release
  • Beta 5 - Public compiler release (without script). Includes even more modifications done by BAMsE, like data protection (images, music).
  • 2.0.5G - Continued project from Beta 5 with more modifications and bug fixes done by PrinceGupta2000.


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