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CIUv2 Versions and Downloads

As you have read on Home page, there are currently 3 different version of CIUv2.

On this page you will find download links and some further informations regarding CIUv2 versions.

CIUv2 v2.0.3.9

CIUv2 v2.0.3.9 is an modified version of the initially v2.0.3.8 done by BAMsE.

You can download it here.

Supports UltraArc, DiskSpan and standard FreeArc archives with "records.ini" file.

CIUv2 v2.0.4.0 Beta 5

CIUv2 v2.0.4.0 Beta 5 was an even more modified version done by BAMsE, but without any script files, since there is now a "Compiler.exe" to protect the script to prevent any kind of stealing.

Doesn't support UltraArc and most of it's compressions.

Supported compressions are:

  • msc
  • srep
  • lzma
  • precomp v0.38 / v0.40 / v0.41 / v0.42 / v0.43
  • dispack
  • rar
  • 7zip

You can download it here.

For compression, you can use any batch file compressor (you can find it on old conversions on or Universal Conversion Script (UCS) by BAMsE.

CIUv2 v2.0.5g

CIUv2 v2.0.5g is the continuation for CIUv2 v2.0.4.0 Beta 5 from PrinceGupta2000.

It also supports UltraArc, DiskSpan and standard FreeArc archives.

You can download it here.